Storage solutions ( Electroclass )



Electroclass offers a wide range of storage solutions, from automated filing system to document management software, for maximum space saving.

  • Office Carousels make for compact filing and faster retrieval of documents.
  • Vertical Carousels and Automated Lift and Crane Storage systems save on warehouse space and execution time, while protecting goods stored.
  • Carousels, Dispensers and Software make for streamlined and reliable pharmaceuticals management in Hospitals and Health Institutions
  • Dispensers and software ensure full traceability and reliability of supply of Tools, consumables, and Personal Protection Equipment


Gyroclass ( Office Carousels for Filing )







  • High storage capacity
  • Minimal foot print
  • Rapid access


Tower ( Vertical Lift System )

  • Two columns of trays individually accessed by a single internal elevator
  • Flexible internal configuration
  • Rack & Pinion – No adjustments, no breaks, stable
  • Double motors – more power, smooth performance





Silo ( Self contained Warehouse system )

  • Multiple columns of trays individually accessed by a Robotic Crane
  • Flexible internal configuration
  • Secure, Controlled Environment





Roto point ( Take control ... )

cost, Inventory, security, accountabilitiy, usage.



Gyro File ( Rotary Filing Systems )

Cost effective, high density, double sided filing system comprising of two office helving bays located in an outer case and mounted on a heavy duty base.

By simply rotating the inner cube of the Gyrofile rotary filing system, 50% of your filing is available for fast and easy access; rotating the inner cube another 90 degrees your filing can be secured with a simple key lock.


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