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Is a subsidiary of
Established in 2009 to provide integrated solutions for home, office and all types of projects.






A specialized procurement team that possesses comprehensive knowledge and unmatched experience in the Saudi market selects Safwa’s unique assortment of furniture. Our overseas sourcing office, which supports purchase operations from Asia, Europe, and the Americas, is dedicated to quality control throughout the manufacturing and shipping processes until the products arrive in the Kingdom.

The company offers modern and practical designs for homes, businesses and government agencies through talented interior designers. Through our Delivery Department, our highly skilled workforce provides professional delivery and installation services. The company is proud of its sales and customer service teams, which are easily distinguished by their efficiency and wealth of expertise.

Throughout our multiple showrooms across the Kingdom, Safwa offers the latest products in interior design, such as bedrooms, children's rooms, sofas, dining tables, coffee and hospitality rooms; as well as home furnishings, such as TV shelves, and home & office accessories.

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